Constitution and Bylaws of the Bellingham Homebrewer’s Guild

The name of this organization shall be the BELLINGHAM HOMEBREWER’S GUILD.

The purpose of the BELLINGHAM HOMEBREWER’S GUILD shall be
To promote brewing in general;
To promote homebrewing in particular;
To offer brewers opportunities to improve their craft;
To promote Bellingham as a recognized contributor to the field of craft beer;
To enjoy beer; and
To foster the enjoyment of beer by others.


Section 1
All legislative and executive powers shall be given to and controlled by the Board of Directors which shall consist of all the elected officers of the Guild except where otherwise specified in the Bylaws.

Section 2 Elected Officers
The elected officers of this Society shall be: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. Multiple offices may be held by the same person, except the offices of president and secretary.

Section 3 Terms of Office
All offices shall be held for a period of one calendar year, commencing at the January 1and terminating on December 31.


Section 1. President
The duties of the President shall be as follows:

a. To ensure the success of the Bellingham Homebrewer’s Guild;

b. To find locations for meetings;

c. To set an agenda for meetings;

d. To call meetings to order and conduct them in an orderly manner;

e. To maintain up-to-date Registration information with the American Homebrewer’s Association and the Washington Homebrewer’s Association and act as the Guild’s representative to aforementioned organizations;

f. To function as the registered agent of the Guild for conducting business with the state of Washington. This duty includes but is not limited to filing Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Amendment, and Nonprofit Annual Reports.

Section 2. Vice-President
The duties of the Vice-President shall be as follows:

a. To assist the President with his duties;

b. To make sure homebrew meeting submissions are labeled with brewer and style;

c. To log the homebrew meeting submissions for future reference post-meeting;

d. To manage and maintain access information of the Guild’s online presence including but not limited to forum accounts, website, and social networking media;

Section 3. Secretary
The duties of the Secretary shall be as follows:

a. To take a head count at meetings;

b. To maintain a current list of members including names and addresses;

c. To maintain a current list of officers’ and directors’ names and addresses;

d. To maintain a record of past resolutions of the Guild;

e. To maintain any Guild records including but not limited to Certificates of Incorporation, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and prior minutes.

Section 4. Treasurer
The duties of the Treasurer shall be as follows:

a. To collect dues as dictated by Bylaws;

b. To manage Guild finances and financial accounts;

c. To maintain the financial records of the Guild including but not limited to correct and adequate statements of accounts and finances;

d. To file any required forms with the IRS annually or as frequent as required.


Section 1. Eligibility
Any current member in good standing with the Guild may run for an elected office.

Section 2. Nominations
Candidates will be taken by volunteer starting in September and will close at the final October meeting before balloting commences. The method of collecting nocandidate’s names shall be done at the discretion of the President or whoever is chairman at those meetings. Submission of candidacy may be done by electronic submission.

Section 3. Balloting and Tally
A secret ballot election shall be held no earlier than the October meeting. The President shall determine how the secret balloting and tally will take place. Voting may be conducted by electronic submission. The new officer(s) for each office shall be that person(s) with a plurality of the votes for that office.

Section 4. Installation
Officers-elect shall begin their term on January 1.

Section 1 Guild Business Meetings
Meetings containing a guild business component will occur twice per month on the second Thursday and third Sunday of every month. The location of the meeting may vary as scheduled by Guild Officers.

Section 2 Annual Meeting
An annual meeting of the voting members shall be held on the third Sunday in September. The time shall be set by the board of directors.

Section 3 Additional meetings
Additional meetings may be held as organized by the Board of Directors.

From time to time it may be necessary to modify these Bylaws. The procedure shall be as follows:
Any member may submit a written amendment to the Bylaws to the Guild’s voting members. After being presented to the membership, a motion to adopt the amendment may be made as well as a second. Following a motion and second, a period of discussion shall follow which may include amendment of the initially submitted amendment by the same process of motion and second. Following discussion, the President or presiding chairman will conduct a vote where the amendment will be accepted or rejected by majority vote. Any part of Amendment of the Bylaws may be done by electronic submission.

The Guild will make decisions by majority vote of the membership. Votes may be conducted during the business component of a meeting or via electronic submission outside of a meeting. Voting will be moderated by the President unless the Vice-President is presiding at a meeting.

Section 1 Designation of Member Classes
The Guild shall have two classes of members. The two classes of members shall be voting members and associate members. Only individuals may be members of the guild.

Section 2 Voting Members
An individual may become an voting member by indicating his or her desire to be so, submitting his or her name and address to the Secretary and paying guild dues in accordance to the current Guild Dues Schedule. Voting members are entitled a vote on Guild decisions, resolutions, amendment of the Bylaws, and election of officers.

Section 3 Associate Members
An individual may become an associate member by indicating his or her desire to be so and submitting his or her name and address to the Secretary. Associate members are welcome at membership meetings and online forums but are not eligible to vote for officers, resolutions or Ammendments to the Bylarws.

The board of directors, by resolution adopted by a majority of the directors in office, may designate and appoint one or more committees each of which shall consist of two or more directors, which committees, to the extent provided in such resolution shall have and exercise the authority of the board of directors in the management of the Guild.

A member may vote electronic transmission. Whenever proposals or directors or officers are to be elected by members, the vote may be taken by electronic transmission. An election may be conducted by electronic transmission.

These Bylaws shall be considered in effect when adopted by the Guild Board of Directors.