2015 Club Competitions

BHG Club Competitions are a fun way to get a bunch of brewers to make a variety of examples of a style to share at a meeting.  Everyone present at the meeting has a chance to sample each entry and score it on the BJCP’s 50 point scale which results in the People’s Choice award for the evening.  Those that bring an extra bottle will additionally receive a full formal BJCP evaluation scoresheet within the next week which will crown the Judge’s Choice winner.  The combined average score is the Overall Winner!  This originated with the AHA’s Club-Only Comp, with the Overall winner being submitted as the club’s entry.  Winners now earn points toward’s HomeBOY, with the chance of random prizes being handed out at any meeting.

2015 Club Competitions

February – Skagit Valley Malting Beers

14 entries from 9 brewers, plus 2 beers from Bob at SVM
People’s Choice – Shawn Sharrow – Russian Imperial Stout (Copeland Malt)
SVM Bob’s Choice – Todd Quessenberry – Robust Porter (Copeland Malt)
SVM Wayne’s Choice – Jason Mantello – Lager (Alba Malt)
Judge’s Choice –

April – Schwarzbier/Black American Lager

6 entries (all Schwarzbier)
People’s Choice – Jason Mantello – Schwarzbier
Judge’s Choice –

June – Smoked Beer (22 A/B)

6 entries
People’s Choice – Todd Quessenberry – Smoked Helles
Judge’s Choice –

August – IPA

6 entries
People’s Choice – Scott Goodall
Judge’s Choice – Jennifer Tadder

October – Weizenbock

5 entries
People’s Choice – Tim Crandall
Judge’s Choice – Jen Barker

December – California Common

7 entries
People’s Choice – Jennifer Tadder
Judge’s Choice – Jennifer Tadder

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