2016 Best of the Bay Results

The judges have finished, the awards have been handed out, and the results are in! Thanks to everyone who entered, judged, and volunteered their time and help in any way to make this event possible. Thanks also to our many generous sponsors for donating prizes and raffle items.

This year’s Best of Show winner was Ryan Wallace of Mt Vernon with an Irish Red Ale. In addition to taking possession of the mug of awesomeness for the next year, he gets to brew his winning recipe at Kulshan Brewing and have a release party there. Congratulations Ryan!

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2015 Homebrewer of the Year

IMG_1551Congratulations Jennifer Tadder on winning the 2015 BHG Homebrewer of the Year! After taking several medals at the Best of the Bay and dominating a couple of our club comps, this likely does not come as a shock to many of you that have tried her beer. In addition to some new hardware for her trophy shelf, Jenn has won the opportunity to brew a collaboration beer with Frank at Aslan, and enter it as Bellingham’s first Pro-Am entry in the WA Beer Awards!


We’ll reset the spreadsheet for 2016 and do it again. The basic premise of the BHG HomeBOY is to encourage people to brew more, try brewing new styles, and elevate their game by rewarding participation in homebrew competitions. Points are awarded throughout the year for participation for both participating and placing in both BJCP sanctioned competitions as well as our own less formal bi-monthly club competitions. If you enter beers in any homebrew competitions this year, make sure to email bellinghamhomebrewersguild@gmail.com or let one of the club officers know about it so we can grant you points.

Ready to Brew Your Own Beer?

Thinking about brewing your own beer at home? Not sure where to start? Looking for some helpful advice and tips from people who have been in your situation? Join us at the next Bellingham Homebrewers Guild meeting on April 9 at 6:00 PM at the Chuckanut Brewery on Holly Street.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

At the meeting you’ll find homebrewers at every stage of the craft – from beginners to folks with 20 years or more of experience. You’ll find brewers who make great tasting beer in their kitchens to those who have a garage full of equipment that looks like a scaled-down version of a commercial brewery.

What is the favorite pastime of Guild members? Making and drinking beer, of course. A close second is talking about beer. Join us at an upcoming Guild meeting and let us help you get started!

March Meeting


Monthly club meeting is this Thursday (3/12) at Aslan Brewing.  We meet in the brewery, please enter the brewery directly via the external doors on Magnolia St and not through the restaurant.  

On the agenda is a style calibration with dark lagers (BJCP 4A, 4C).  This is the April club competition style, so we’ll provide some commercial examples to taste as a group and discuss what appropriate characteristics a good example should have.

Doors open at 6pm, business will be discussed at 6:30pm, sampling will occur until it’s all gone.  Join us whenever you can.  Meeting are open to anyone who likes to geek out on beer and brewing.  Please bring your own tasting glass and something to share – homebrew, commercial beer, or a snack.  If you’re joining us for the first time and have never attended a meeting before then don’t worry about bringing anything, just come check us out!

May Club Meeting

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the BHG, we’ll be returning to the location of the very first meeting – Chuckanut Brewery!  Dig a bottle or two of something special out of your beer cellar and join us on Chuckanut’s back covered patio area to celebrate 5 years.

We’ll also be tasting beers for this month’s Club Comp – session beers.  It’s the latest craft beer trend!  Remember, participation in club comps earn points toward the BHG’s Homebrewer of the Year.

April Meeting

BHG monthly meeting is April 10 at Chris Brehm’s house (2617 Cedarwood Ave).  Doors open at 6pm, business will be discussed at 6:30, homebrew sampling will occur until it’s gone.  If you received and brewed with the New Zealand Pacific Jade or Moteuka, remember to bring that beer and we’ll see how those hops stack up.  See you there!

New Zealand Hops

March Meeting

March’s BHG meeting will be hosted by Bellingham’s other brewery under construction, Wander Brewing (1807 Dean Ave).  Hopefully we’ll get to hear a little about where they’re coming from and what they plan on brewing as we check out their new shiny bling.  As usual, we’ll meet at 6pm, please bring something to share – homebrew, commercial beer, snacks, etc.

Also on the agenda is our second club competition of the year – Bocks.  Bring enough for everyone at the meeting to have a chance to sample and score your entry, as well as an extra 12oz bottle for off-site BJCP evaluation.

Last but not least, this will be the last meeting for our club’s founder, North Corner employee extraordinare, award winning home brewer, award winning wine maker, BBL founding brewer, bung award maker, math wiz, and all around great guy Jesse Nickerson.  Come give him a hug before he moves back to the north east, this club wouldn’t exist without him.