Members of the BHG are a talented bunch. This is a collection of awards won by BHG members in competitions hosted by the BHG.

Club Only Competitions

March 2012 Stout Jody Moffett Oatmeal Stout
Jan 2012 Dark Lager Chris Brehm Munich Dunkel
Nov 2011 German Wheat/Rye Randall Ragsdale Weizenbock

Best of the Bay 2011

Todd Quessenberry There Are No Clever Beer Names in Helle Gold
Gary Hardwick Citraweizen Silver
Kyle Galloway Slide Mountain Porter Bronze
Black Mountain Ale Silver
Chris Brehm Russian Imperial Stout Gold
Randall Ragsdale I’ll Be Weizenbock Silver
Jesse Nickerson Brett Saison Bronze
Alex Cleanthous Simple Simons Saison Gold
Chris McClanahan Der Kommisar Bronze