Why Membership?
The BHG welcomes participation at meetings and most events from anyone who appreciates the craft of homebrewing – membership is not required.  Membership dues are one of the club’s primary sources of income and help to fund club activities such as buying commercial examples for style calibrations, off flavor kits, liquor permits, food for the annual meeting and group brews, club equipment, etc.  As a member you get to have a say in how money is spent, vote in officer elections and other decisions, as well as show your support for this group.

Member Benefits

  • Discount at North Corner (5% over $30, 10% over $50)
  • Access to club equipment (jockey box, cider press, floor corker)
  • A vote on club decisions (such as equipment purchases or officer elections)
  • Discount on Best of the Bay entry fees
  • Discount of Best of the Bay award ceremony taster glass
  • Discount on club schwag (glassware, clothing, etc)

Dues are $25 per year, collected on a calendar year basis.  If you sign up for membership partway though the year the amount will be discounted on a quarterly basis.  To sign up for membership, first login or register an account with this site, then purchase dues from the guild store (requires PayPal).