About Us

The Bellingham Homebrewers Guild (BHG) is a club which brings homebrewers in Whatcom county together to share their craft; promote homebrewing and brewing in general; and help members improve their brewing skills. The club meetings are an informal gathering of brewers where brewers share their brews, connect with other brewers, and have a good time.

The BHG’s primary form of communication is through our Google Groups email list.  Please sign up to stay abreast of club activities.

We meet monthly on the second Thursday of every month at ever revolving locations.  Meetings typically from from 6pm – 9pm (depending on if/when the beer runs out), with meeting business being conducted at 6:30pm.  We attempt to incorporate some sort of short educational aspect to meetings – style calibrations, club comp judging, experiment tasting – but meetings are largely informal.  Our meetings are open to the public and we invite anyone who loves good beer to come join us; we just ask everyone to bring something to share – either homebrew, commercial beer, or snacks.  If you’re interested in getting more involved or supporting us, check out what membership has to offer.

In addition to monthly meetings, the BHG either puts on or participates in a handful of events throughout the year, including our annual competition, group brews, and a fall member bbq.  You can find these posted on the club calendar.

Club officers are elected annually. The 2017 Club Officers are:
President: Joe Postma
Vice President: Darin Hamm
Treasurer: Todd Quessenberry
Secretary: Bill Arthurs