2015 Homebrewer of the Year

IMG_1551Congratulations Jennifer Tadder on winning the 2015 BHG Homebrewer of the Year! After taking several medals at the Best of the Bay and dominating a couple of our club comps, this likely does not come as a shock to many of you that have tried her beer. In addition to some new hardware for her trophy shelf, Jenn has won the opportunity to brew a collaboration beer with Frank at Aslan, and enter it as Bellingham’s first Pro-Am entry in the WA Beer Awards!


We’ll reset the spreadsheet for 2016 and do it again. The basic premise of the BHG HomeBOY is to encourage people to brew more, try brewing new styles, and elevate their game by rewarding participation in homebrew competitions. Points are awarded throughout the year for participation for both participating and placing in both BJCP sanctioned competitions as well as our own less formal bi-monthly club competitions. If you enter beers in any homebrew competitions this year, make sure to email bellinghamhomebrewersguild@gmail.com or let one of the club officers know about it so we can grant you points.