BHG/Aslan Summer Collaboration

Only a couple months after opening their doors, Aslan Brewing was willing to get together with the BHG to brew their first collaboration together.  This is the first time the club has gotten to collaborate with a local brewery, so kudos to Aslan’s head brewer Frank Trosset for wanting to stay connected to the homebrew community!

Club officers Todd, Chris, Justin, and Jon kicked around several different ideas for a summer seasonal and taking into consideration some limitations imposed by only using organic ingredients, and with Frank we settled on one of craft beers hippest up and coming styles – Berliner Weisse.



A week and a half before brew day we started growing a starter culture of lactobacillus from a couple cups of base malt in 6 gallons of low gravity wort held at close to 100*F.  Saturday June 28th was brew day part 1.  We mashed 32% wheat and 68% pilsner (both Weyermann) at 148*F for 90 minutes before mashing out and sparging.  We were targeting around 18.5 barrels of ~1.040 wort, and came up a little short on volume but hit our gravity.  After a short pasteurization rest at 185*F we chilled the wort back down to 105*F in the kettle before pitching in the lacto starter and letting it sour.  After 36 hours it’d dropped ~4 gravity points, the pH had dropped from 6 to 3.2, and it had lovely layer of foam on top along with a sweet/sour bready aroma.  Two pounds of Hallertauer went into the short 15 minute boil before chilling and running into the fermenter with a pitch of good ol’ 1056 American Ale yeast.


I’m super excited to see this on tap in mid to late July, it’s going to be a great low alcohol, light, tart, refreshing warm weather beer.  And Aslan’s kitchen is planning on whipping up some flavored syrups to offer as an option as well.  We still need a name for this beer though!  Submit ideas to the Google Group, and if we pick yours you’ll get a free growler of Berliner!

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