Welcome to 2014

glassFirst off, I’d like to introduce you to the lineup of 2014 club officers.  For the third year, two of the four members of the club officers have been turned over to new members. The lineup for 2014 looks like:

  • President: Todd Quesseberry
  • Vice President: Chris Brehm
  • Secretary: Jon Edwards
  • Treasurer: Justin Bajema

Secondly, it’s that time of year when we ask you to pay your annual dues if you’d like to be an official member.  Dues are optional, and everyone is still welcome at meetings and events whether you’re a dues paying member or not.  Dues are one of the club’s two sources of income (the other being the Best of the Bay award ceremony), and go towards things like buying commercial examples for style calibrations, off flavor kits, liquor permits, food for the annual meeting and group brews, club equipment, etc.  As a member you get to have a say in how money is spent, officer elections, and other decisions as well as show your support for this group.  In return, in addition to a warm fuzzy feeling, you also get:

  • Discount at North Corner
  • Access to club equipment (jockey box, cider press, floor corker)
  • A vote on club decisions (such as equipment purchases or officer elections)
  • First entry to the Best of the Bay is free (New!)
  • Discount on Best of the Bay award ceremony taster glass (New!)
  • Free BHG glassware (New!)

Dues remain $25, and are collected on an annual calendar year basis.  In an effort to encourage membership and the paying of dues in a timely fashion, this year we’re offering a free BHG logoed Belgian tulip glass to anyone who pays dues by the end of January.  In addition, members have the option to purchase more glasses at the low price of $5 apiece.  After January you’ll no longer get the first one free, and they’ll also be made available to non-members for $10 each until they’re gone.

To pay dues, you need to have an account and be logged into the guild’s website, then you can buy a year of dues from the guild store (requires PayPal).  Additional glassware will be added to the store in the future, and I’ll have it available at the next couple of meetings for purchase.