How to properly submit your bottles to the Best of the Bay Homebrew Competition

Last year we collected a lot of garbage from the entries to the Best of the Bay Homebrew Competition. The garbage consisted of bags, tape, entry forms, and receipts. All this extra stuff got thrown away. It created a lot of extra work for the fine folks handling the bottles at Boundary Bay and for the upstanding homebrewers who carefully submitted their brew with unneeded materials. Now that the bottle acceptance window is open for this years competition I’d like to take a minute and detail exactly what should be on your bottle when you submit it to our competition. For reference I took a picture:

proper bottle labeling

This is the proper way to submit your entries to the Best of the Bay Homebrew Competition.

Note the details. In the center of the image you will clearly see a bottle. That bottle is identified with a bottle ID form which is securely attached with a single rubber band. And that’s it. There is no tape, no plastic bags, and no extra paperwork. All we need to judge your beer is the bottle ID form. We require so little information because all of the ‘paperwork’ associated with entering a competition is contained in the database of the competition software we use. This information is referenced as we need it prior to, during, and after the judging process.

In conclusion, please keep your packaging materials to a minimum when submitting your beer to our competition. It keeps us happy and you don’t have to go through as much effort to send in your beer.

Also, six packs are ok too.