January 12 Meeting Minutes

Upcoming Events:
1/22/12 BHG Meeting Chuckanut Brewery (Brewery Side) 3:00 PM
1/22/12 Club Only Competition (Dark Lagers)
2/1/12 AHA National Conference Registration Opens
2/9/12 BHG Meeting (TBD)
~2/15/12 AHA National Homebrew Competition Online Registration Opens
2/4/12 GEBL 2012 Hop Madness IPA Bracket Challenge
3/8/12 Club Only Competition (Stout)
4/22/12 Club Only Competition (Scottish and Irish Ales)

The BHG met on Thursday evening at Diane, Dennis and Bryon’s house off Marine
Drive. They had a sweet separate outbuilding (aka man cave) with woodstove, pool
table, couches and attached woodshop. This was an excellent spot for the BHG to host its
first meeting of 2012. Thanks again to Diane and Dennis for hosting.

Attending the meeting were Ian, Randall, Dennis, Diane, Bryon, Thom, Doug, Todd,
Kable, Chris, Gary, Bill, Aubrey, Ryan, Jody, Jeff and Matt.

Ian (el Hefe) kicked off the meeting talking about the club vote on the club website. The
vote was to get input on a pending club equipment purchase. With the votes closed the
club will procure a 6 tap jockey box set up. Specifically the jockey box will be built to
allow for pouring beer at April Brews Day and for Club night at the AHA conference.
The jockey box will also be available to dues paying members if they want to use it
for their events. The club will spend about $400 to outfit the jockey box. Jody is also
working with a friend who makes custom coolers, to provide a customized BHG cooler
for the project.

The club will be investigating the possibility of pouring beers at this year’s April Brews
Day. This is a local beer festival that supports the Max Higby Foundation. The club had
a booth last year, but wasn’t able to serve. We will be working on having permission to
serve at this year’s festival. We will be looking for volunteers to make and serve beer.
Look for additional info on the google group or web site.

The club has rolled out a new program for awarding a BHG Homebrewer of the year
award, or Homeboy for short. A points system was devised when you compete in either
regional or AHA club only competitions (COC). Check out the google group for full
details. Justin B. has volunteered to coordinate the BHG Homeboy

The next upcoming BHG Homeboy event is the COC for dark lagers. The club
will choose their choice to represent at the Sunday January 22nd meeting at Chuckanut.
Besides the COC’s, the first represented regional competition is the GEBL 2012 Hop
Madness IPA Bracket Challenge. Entries are due by 1/31 for the 2/4 judging. Eric has

agreed to drop the entries in Everett. He will be collecting them at the 1/22 meeting.

Jody reminded the group that registration for the 2012 AHA national conference will
open on February 1st. The conference is in Bothel, and will mean that the BHG can
attend without getting plane tickets. A thread will be started on the google group for
those folks looking to coordinate some of their travel plans. The conference goes from
June 21st – June 23rd. The club will also be working with the AHA to make sure we can
pour a club night, and potentially any beer Salon’s they may have.

Todd reminded the group that if they were interested in competing in the AHA national
homebrew competition, online registration will open mid February. Registration fills up
very quickly, so you might want to plan ahead so you are ready to register your entries as
close to the opening as possible.

As usual their was plenty of beer at the meeting. Below is a list of folks and the beer that
they brought.
Jody: Scotch ale, Jeff: double Alt, Matt: amber ale, Randall: Irish red, Ryan: extract
pilsner, Thom: chocolate ale, impy stout, and Belgian strong, Aubrey: Citra saison, rye
pale, fresh hop beer, and Cascade stout, Bill: cinnamon brown ale, Gary: sour Scotch ale,
Chris: rye porter, oatmeal stout, Christmas beer, Todd: esb, Dry Fly impy stout, Kable:
IPA x 3, blonde, sweet stout, Doug: cider, Ocktoberfest. Ian: FS barleywine, American

BHG Secretary