Homebrewer Of The Year 2012

New for 2012, the club will be creating the Bellingham Homebrewers Guild Homebrewer of the Year or BHG HBOY for short.  The HBOY will be an opportunity for those so inclined, to compete in a group of regional competitions and earn points.  The goal of having the HBOY competition is to encourage people to brew more, and to try brewing different styles of beer.  The competition is open to all voting members of the club.  Points will be awarded for brewing and competing in a list of qualified compeitions.  Points will be awarded on the following basis:

·         1 point is granted for submitting a single entry to an eligible competition
·         2 points are granted for submitting multiple entries to an eligible competition (not applicable to Club Only Competition)
·         1 point granted for the Club’s Choice for any COC entry.
·         1 additional point granted for each entry scoring 3rd place per eligible competition.
·         3 additional points granted for each entry scoring 2nd place per eligible competition.
·         5 additional points granted for each entry scoring 1st place per eligible competition.
·         3 additional points granted for an entry recognized as “best of show” per eligible competition.

For example, a brewer that submits two entries in which one wins 1st place and best of show, that brewer will receive 2 points for multiple entries, 5 points for the first place and 3 more points for best of show for a total of 10 points for that competition.

The following are the qualified competitions for 2012 such that you can plan some of your brewing around the BHGHBOY comp.

  • GEBL IPA Bracket Challenge (February)
  • Cascade Brewers Cup/Puget Sound Pro-Am (March)
  • National Homebrew Competition (April)
  • Best of the Bay (August)
  • Skagit County Fair (August)
  • Evergreen State Fair (August)
  • Novembeerfest (November)

All AHA Club Only Competitions (Check the AHA website for the schedule) www.homebrewersassociation.org

If any of the competitions are not held, either a suitable replacement competition will be found or the competition will be dropped.  This change will be made through a club vote.

So why should you compete in the BHG HBOY?
Aside from the all important bragging rights, you will get lots of feedback from BJCP judges which will help improve your brewing.  The winner will also have their name immortalized on the BHG HBOY plaque.  The winner will also win a personalized beer stien or some other fabulous prize.  (TBD)


Justin Bajema has volunteered to be the HBOY coordinator for this year.