July 24th Meeting Agenda

Meeting Location

Tim. M.’s House

Old Business

  1. Competition
    1. Registration is open!
    2. Cupons for brew contributors.
    3. Need recipes for a display.
    4. Volunteers to show off their sculpture.
  2. Club Dues
    1. Voting has closed, club dues will be $25.
    2. Can be paid by check now, online in the future.
  3. Beerstock 5060
    1. Date: Aug. 6th.
    2. Location: Orting, WA
    3. Time: 2pm (1pm for setup)
    4. Contact Jesse if you are going (carpooling, camping spot, beer poruing).

New business

  1. Bulk Keg Buys
    1. Several people at the Thursday meeting were interested.
    2. Anybody interested, if so we can start looking for vendors.
  2. Schooner zodiac cruise
    1. 50% discount to the Beer Club for their July(28th thru 31st)2011, Beer Cruise.
    2. For detailed information (cost, itinerary, etc) please contact Chris at 206-719-7622 and let her know you are from the Brewers Guild.
  3. Rent-a-Brew-System
    1. How many people would like to rent a guild only all grain brewing system from North Corner?
    2. What size system would you like?
  4. We now have an EIN number!
    1. We are officially official.
    2. You will be notified when donations of precious stones or large properties will be accepted.

2 thoughts on “July 24th Meeting Agenda

  1. Hey saw post you guys going to bulk by kegs. I’d be interested in getting in on that. Shoot me email on vendor prices when you get enough people together.

    • Sorry Kyle we aren’t going to do a bulk keg buy. The idea was floated last summer but it never got off the ground.

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