July 14 Meeting Agenda

Meeting Location

Rick Hill’s house

Old Business

  1. Beerstock 5060
    1. Date: August 6th
    2. Location: Orting, WA
    3. Time: 2pm (1pm for setup)
    4. BHG Presence
      1. Volunteers
      2. Serve beer brewed by BHG
      3. Need to Register, See Google Groups post.
  1. Barrel Project
    1. Coming along nice. Needs more time on oak.
    2. Update from those involved.
  2. Competition
    1. Cupons for brew contributors
    2. Need recipes for a display
    3. Volunteers to show off their sculpture.
  3. Club Dues
    1. Voting has closed, club dues will be $25.
    2. Pay them?
  1. The National Homebrewers Conference will be coming to Bellevue next year.
    1. June 21st – 23rd.
    2. Lots of beer will be needed for WA to host the NHC. The BHG should help with this.
    3. Start thinking about brewing for the NHC, especially beers that need to be aged.
  1. Bulk Grain Buys
    1. Frank-n-Stein is willing to add grain for BHG members to their shipments.
    2. North Corner is also willing to work out a bulk grain buying deal, support your LHBS!

New business

  1. Sunnyland stomp
    1. Saturday July 16th from 4 PM – 10 PM.
    2. Chris is hosting a stop at his house at 2529 Grant St.
      1. Grant St. homebrew will be poured along with food pairing from a local chef.
      2. Local artist exhibitions.
      3. Live music.
  2. Schooner zodiac cruise
    1. 50% discount to the Beer Club for their July(28th thru 31st)2011, Beer Cruise.
    2. For detailed information (cost, itinerary, etc) please contact Chris at 206-719-7622 and let her know you are from the Brewers Guild.
  3. Bulk Keg Buy
    1. There is interest on the Google Groups page.
    2. Any takers? Lets get a list and see what kind of deal we can make.
  4. Rent-a-Brew-System
    1. How many people would like to rent a guild only all grain brewing system from North Corner?
      1. There is intrest provided the system is better than what most members have (10 – 15 gal all grain).
  5. The club now has an EIN number!