Sunday May 26 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Location:

Chuckanut Brewery

Old Business

  1. Barrel Project Update
    1. Top up wurt has been added to eliminate headspace (twice).
    2. Tasting prior to meeting.
  2. Beerstock 5060
    1. Date: July 24
    2. Location: Orting, WA
    3. Time: 2pm (1pm for setup)
    4. BHG Presence
      1. Volunteers
      2. Serve beer brewed by BHG
    5. Contact Ian Harper or Jesse Nickerson for more info.
  3. Best of the Bay Homebrew Competition
    1. Date: Aug. 21
    2. Location: Boundary Bay Brewery
    3. Time: 12 pm – 4 pm

New Business

  1. Club Bank Account
    1. Use for:
      1. Best of the Bay Homebrew Competition.
      2. Club Dues
      3. Club Events
      4. Club Bar Crawls
      5. Take Suggestions
    2. Currently a personal bank account, will need to be closed and reopened when the club gets an EIN.
  2. Club Dues
    1. How much should dues be?
    2. Vote on BHG website.
      1. Preliminary results from the poll show $30 as club dues.
      2. Poll will close on 6/30
  3. Bulk Grain Buys
    1. Frank-n-Stein is willing to add grain for BHG members to their shipments.
    2. North Corner is also willing to work out a bulk grain buying deal, support your LHBS!
  4. The National Homebrewers Conference will be coming to Bellevue next year.
    1. June 21st – 23rd.
    2. Lots of beer will be needed for WA to host the NHC. The BHG should help with this.
    3. Start thinking about brewing for the NHC, especially beers that need to be aged.