Thursday June 9 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Location

Chris McClanahan’s House

Meeting Attendees

Name Contribution
Jody Nut Brown
Ian Flat Weizen
Alex Saison
Carl Peanuts
Bill Hoppy Stout
Chris Ezekiel 4:9 Pale Ale
Chris Brehm RIS
Jesse *See Alex*
Todd Q. India Black Ale
Josh Parrish Cascadia Dark Ale
Gary Scotch Ale
David Foster
Ryan R. Coffee Porter
Kyle Galloway Blonde III
Danika Anderson Jack Shit

Old Business

  1. Barrel Project Update
    1. Top off wurt was added to fill the headspace.
    2. Tasting planned for 6/26 before the Sunday meeting.
  2. Beerstock 5060
    1. Date: Aug. 6
    2. Location: Arlington
    3. Time: 2pm (1pm for setup)
    4. BHG Presence
      1. Volunteers
      2. Serve beer brewed by BHG
    5. Contact Ian Harper or Jesse Nickerson for more info.
  3. Best of the Bay Homebrew Competition
    1. Date: Aug. 21
    2. Location: Boundary Bay Brewery
    3. Time: 12 pm – 4 pm

New Business

  1. Club Bank Account
    1. Possible Uses:
      1. Best of the Bay Homebrew Competition.
      2. Club Dues
      3. Club Events
      4. Club only competitions (winner gets paid entry to regional or national competitions).
      5. Club pub crawls with Liger Treks.
      6. Take Suggestions
    2. Currently a personal bank account, will need to be closed and reopened when the club gets an EIN.
  2. Club Dues
    1. How much should dues be?
    2. Vote on BHG website after the meeting.