Sunday April 17 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Location

Chuckanut Brewery

Meeting Attendees

Randall Ragsdale Graff
Robert Tierney Strawberry Mead
pale ale
Josh Parrish Whiskey Oak Barleywine
Justin Norris 10cc Colonel Coffer’s Barleywine
Strawberry Dandelion Wine
Belgian Honey IPA
Pyment (grape mead)
Juston Smith Trade Route – Hoppy Bitch IPA
Ian Harper
Todd Queensberry Russian Imperial Stout
Vanilla Stout
Kelly Beerman Belgian Dubble
Tim Mooney Pilsner
Chuck Hollens Bock
Brian Cardwell
Todd Smelter
Eric Fisher Rogue Beer
Ben Toomey
David Foster Red Ale
Carl Schroer

Old Business

  1. Membership Classes – Active members and dues paying voting members
  2. Bylaws Revised – Posted on Google Groups
  3. Officers Needed – Total of four officers required
  4. Bank Account – Need a SS number or an EIN to create a bank account along with meeting minutes.
  5. Big Brew Project – 40 gal fermenter will be coming up from Portland at the end of June
  6. Barrel Brew Project – Barrel has arrived. Jody needs to collect money from those who are participating. Kelly will store the beer during fermentation. Beer should be ready to rack into the barrel at the end of May (not Memorial Day weekend).
  7. Bulk Grain Buy – About $42 for 50 pound bag of Marris Otter malt from the warehouse in Delta, BC.
  8. Hoodies and tee-shirts – Available now, $10 for tees and $20 for hoodies
  9. Thanks go to the Chuckanut Brewery for hosting the meeting and a giant prost to Carl for running the official business and writing the bylaws.